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Postby Marquisk2 » 10. June 2013 18:26


I'm trying to have a module in Drupal upload a file but Drupal can't even create a directory. I'm assuming it's a permissions issue.

I have a dedicted Windows 8 Server for testing/coding, and I use my Mac machine for the development process. I can ftp in using FileZilla no problem. If I right click-Get info on the htdocs in my ftp program for Drupal it's saying the owner is ftp so I try to change the permissions to 775 it doesn't work. I'm guessing it's because of Windows. So how can I give drupal permission on the htdocs directory so it can effectively create a directory and upload a file?

Nevermind I was going about it the wrong way.

It's a Drupal thing where I had the public folder set to "sites/default/files" When it should be an actual directory in windows such as "C:\xampp\apps\drupal\htdocs\files"
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