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kill.exe in apache bin

PostPosted: 07. May 2004 15:07
by aubergine2001
My virus scanner has said I have an infected file called kill.exe in apache/bin directory, is this file needed or can I deleate it.

PostPosted: 07. May 2004 16:07
by Wiedmann
Replace the existing kill.exe in Apache\bin with the kill.exe from the Windows NT4 Resource Kit. You can find it there:
Search for: Task Killing Utility

Or inside the package "Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Support Tools" ... efault.asp

You don't need this tool if you start Apache as service.

(It is not really a virus!)


PostPosted: 07. May 2004 16:59
by aubergine2001
Thanks Weidmann,
I followed the first link and replaced the kill.exe

Just thanks for the quick reply