XAMPP 1.4.2 & PEAR

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XAMPP 1.4.2 & PEAR

Postby dmtelf » 06. May 2004 09:11

I've installed XAMPP 1.4.2 on XP SP1. All the demos run OK. I've installed several Open Source applications which use PHP and MySQL without any problems.

However, some other applications require PHP's PEAR, and the error messages from these applications say PEAR is not installed on my XAMPP installation.

Selecting phpinfo() from the XAMPP navigation frame in IE shows that PEAR seems to be in the include_path: .;C:\xampp\php\pear\

There is no PEAR in the module list sectio of phpinfo() i.e. there is "PCRE" and then "PDF". Should PEAR also appear in the list of installed modules?

Could someone please advise me how I can resolve the PEAR problem? I've searched this forum but couldn't find an answer in English.


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