Not able to access site from outside(internet) network

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Not able to access site from outside(internet) network

Postby crazyfrog » 29. May 2013 17:04


I just installed Xampp and having some issues regarding showing one webpage from the outside of the network.

I have installed zurmo (open CRM) and this is the app I would like to be able to access from internet.

I have an domain (letæs say and when entering i get an login prompt for xampp. Login works (localhost on server) and I am able to login to phpadmin (mysql) and navigate around.

Zurmo however is not accessable. When doing -> it routes it to the internal address nikita/zurmo/default/login........ and when going this way works from the inside (off course) but not from the outside.

I have twisted my brain and figured it most likely is a simple easy peasy fix (setting the correct url) somewhere in apache config files ?

Since I am kinda new to apache I have not been able to figure where to put the correct URL.

Do you have any idea/suggestion/tips for me ?

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Re: Not able to access site from outside(internet) network

Postby Altrea » 29. May 2013 18:00

Hi crazyfrog,

My comments in short:
  • XAMPP is not configured or supported for public assessible environments
  • administrating a public assessible webserver is nothing for someone not knowing anything about the components
  • We can't provide any support for third party scripts like zurmo CRM

best wishes,
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