cant make apache public

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cant make apache public

Postby Lexje » 03. May 2004 21:10

well I solved the other problem I had by installing the new version..

This one seems to work perfectly in local host but not in public..

I've opened my ports in my router from 80 till 500 TCP & UDB (should be enough for apache). Editted my config like this:

Listen 80

ServerName <my public ip address here>.. Saved the httpd.conf, restarted apache and still not working.. I have no errors in the logs & local host is still working fine.. I just can't get on it from outside..

Any of you got any clue how to fix that?

Regards Lexje
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Postby Maller » 03. May 2004 23:51

Im not sure what excatly that error is, but i bet it´s someting to do with you running windows 98.
Windows aint good for server, but 98 and ME is probly about the worse, as they aint built on NT.
So go upgrade to windows 2000 or 2003 if you wanna run a server on windows.
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Postby Lexje » 03. May 2004 23:57

well I fixed that problem by now.. I listed an new problem above and I just cant figure it out what I do wrong..
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Postby Lexje » 04. May 2004 12:45

I reconfigurated my router and it all works fine.. sorry for bothering
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