HELP - Can apache and IIS run together on windows server ?

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HELP - Can apache and IIS run together on windows server ?

Postby afrika » 28. May 2013 14:31

hi guys
we have been running a high end windows server for a couple of years now for a high profile client, that has multiple sub domains offering different departmental functions

However of recent times they want to add joomla using mysql and php, for just a sub domain.

Initially I tried adding various control panels, but ran into conflicts and problems ( and cant uninstall mysql connector 6.5.5 for .Net )

Hence my question.

1. Can XAMPP ( running Joomla & MySQL/php ) run side by side IIS without any conflicts

2. Is there a web admin area we could give to the department to manage the joomla install ?

3. Is there any precautions I would need to follow/advise ?

many thanks

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