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SSL Help

Postby DNett123 » 02. May 2004 18:58

I installed Xampp just like everyone else, had problems, foind out it was SSL, changed everyhting from http:// to https:// (over 3 hours of work), got all my hostee's to change from http:// to https:// (a lot of complaints)!

I use for a free url re-direct for one of my site but when you visit it it keeps poping up with the SSL Certificate. You have to click "Yes" over 10 times. I went to install the Certificate but the expiriation date was set for the year 2002!!! I was wondering how I can either change the expiriation date, get a new cirtificate, and just stop it from poping up(still using https://)
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you can generate one...

Postby MAGnUm » 04. May 2004 19:27

to keep that from happening, either pay for one from, verisign or thwate. or generate one. also the ssl should have not caused a problem if you use relative links instead of full links...
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