PEAR fix for portable XAMPP 1.8.1

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PEAR fix for portable XAMPP 1.8.1

Postby Wernight » 24. May 2013 23:26

PEAR is missing important enviroment variables:

1. Run php/pear.bat
2. pear config-show
3. Note some folders like C:\php\

1. Add to php/pear.bat:

Code: Select all
IF "%PHP_PEAR_DOC_DIR%"=="" SET "PHP_PEAR_DOC_DIR=\xampp\php\docs"
IF "%PHP_PEAR_CFG_DIR%"=="" SET "PHP_PEAR_CFG_DIR=\xampp\php\cfg"
IF "%PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR%"=="" SET "PHP_PEAR_TEST_DIR=\xampp\php\tests"
IF "%PHP_PEAR_WWW_DIR%"=="" SET "PHP_PEAR_WWW_DIR=\xampp\php\www"
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Re: PEAR fix for portable XAMPP 1.8.1

Postby Altrea » 25. May 2013 09:54

Hi Wernight,

Thanks for pointing that out. The XAMPP control panel has the choice of an own preconfigured shell which sets these and some other PEAR parameters and some include paths. Try it out :D

best wishes,
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