Reinstall XAMPP & JOOMLA!

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Reinstall XAMPP & JOOMLA!

Postby patcarbran » 21. May 2013 16:21

I am a senior at the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) working with Dean of Computer Information System in writing a course for XAMPP and JOOMLA!. I also have to try to 'break' it so the Dean can instruct the students on how to fix it. I purposely downloaded an extension for the wrong version of JOOMLA!. XAMPP and JOOMLA! crashed hard. I received an error message that the extension could not be found. I could not even get access to the site administrator. I uninstalled XAMPP & JOOMLA!. But when I tried to reinstall JOOMLA! it tell me it can't reinstall because the database has a number. How can I fix this problem? Where do I fix this problem? Because if a student crashes the programs like I did it makes their personal computer useless, and the student would be unable to continue in the class.
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Re: Reinstall XAMPP & JOOMLA!

Postby kusterjp » 01. June 2013 15:31

Hello patcarbran

i also have the same Problem.

After i search in regedit for XAMPP and for MySQL. All the owne line i foundet (NOT DIRECTORYS) i've deletet. Next step i cleaned my registry with the CCleaner from Piriform (its Freeware).

Then the new Installation from XAMP and JOOMLA was doing.

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