Looking for a cloud solution

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Looking for a cloud solution

Postby kirwood » 16. May 2013 18:56

Hi Forum Members.

I am looking for an economic hosting solution for an application I am developing. (economic means value rather than cheap)

All the development work is done on a local Apache server with php and MySql.

Basically its an app that builds and hosts hotel marketing websites with each hotel accessing and controlling their own content.

Has to be secure because the app takes bookings which obviously involves personal data so ability to be PCI compliant a must

I really don't want to get into managing the remote server. Set up and go with auto maintenance and update is just fine.

I have quotes for using a shared server. I just read the Whitepaper on MS Cloud but starting prices look eye watering. Heard about Azure but not sure what is involved.

I would like to add third party collaborative tools like CRM, Hootsuite etc.

Anyway, my question: Does anyone know of a reliable cloud solution that fits these criteria? What might it be? Is there a demo somewhere?

If you got this far thanks.
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Re: Looking for a cloud solution

Postby Altrea » 16. May 2013 19:10

Hi kirwood,

Well, there are so many of them...
Simply search for "PHP PAAS Cloud" or something similar.

A small list:

I use Pagodabox and really like it, but i don't use it for production sites just for development.

best wishes,
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