Possible Permission Inheritance

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Possible Permission Inheritance

Postby dazfaz » 16. May 2013 12:45


This one is a very strange one.

Im running Xampp which serves files to a remote device over my network.
These files live on an external HD and I have set up an Alias within the httpd.conf file, pointing to this HD.

So good so far.

The files are served to my remote device, they appear, no problem. But, when I try and use a Javascript function window.localStorage.setItem("MyKey", "My saved string"); An error is created and ""window.localStorage.setItem" is not a function" is caught as the error.

I have served up the same test file from another server and it works without a problem, saves the data to the local remote device and everything.

This leads me to think that there is a permission problem on my PC and these permissions are being inherited by my remote device through xampp.

Does anyone have an experience of this and if there is a solution to my problem?

I have looked everywhere for a possible solution but have found absolutely nothing other there.

Thanks in advance.

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