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Turck MMCache

Postby potatosalad » 26. April 2004 02:54

I noticed that in the latest release of your Win32-Xampp, that it did not come bundled with Turck MMCache. Which is pretty saddening, since it's a really great php accelerator. And I might not have a clue what I'm talking about, but the latest Turck MMCache is only for php version 4.3.4, while the newest release of php is 4.3.6. So, I used the PHP source code to compile a new version of the DLL, and it's available here for download:

http://potatosalad.gotdns.com/TurckLoader.dll (even though it's not needed.

Not sure if this'll help, and you might just call me an idiot, but whatever. I thought it might help.[/url]
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Postby scebbrell » 27. April 2004 15:10

Nice one potatosalad,
I just downloaded BigApache to get the mmcache dll then I came here and saw your message, you nearly saved me a 100Mb download :roll:
Thanks for making the dll available, I will remember to check the forum first next time, like you I was disapointed not to find it in the new WAMPP.

Best wishes, Steve...
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Postby MAGnUm » 27. April 2004 18:02

yes, many thanks. :D
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 27. April 2004 22:03


MMCache is no longer Supported and developed though...
The Main Dev. has changed to Zend... so MMCache will have no further updates.

So I'd rather look for an alternative, cos it's not sure that MMCache will work with the next PHP release.

So long
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Postby Maller » 01. May 2004 02:34

Very nice thanks alot dude :)
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Postby palin » 16. May 2004 00:12

thank a loooooot!!! potatosalad, I was very sad to find that Win-1.4.2 doesn't come with TurkMMCache nor ZendOptimizer.
I want to use MMCache for Encryption. This saves me a lot of time and makes me happy again ;) thanks![/b]
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