I can't see the Xampp SPLASH page

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I can't see the Xampp SPLASH page

Postby fourwhitesocks » 03. May 2013 16:43

Ok Im confused. I was able to go to: http://localhost/xampp/splash.php and see the splash page or go to: http://localhost/xampp but now I'm getting a 404 error?

The strange thing is I CAN go to the http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ where I'm able to add databases, view users and such.

I ALSO can still view a WordPress website that I'm working on locally. I think the problem somehow developed when I made a second install of WordPress which I also wanted to use Xampp for serving during editing. I tried deleting the second database that I created for the second install of wordpress and then I noticed that I can no longer see the SPLASH page.

** Also, during the second install of WordPress I got a message that said: we can see the database but are you sure the privileges are correct for the user? So I was never completely able to finish the second install of Wordpress because of the issue with the privileges... I did do some editing of the privileges and I'm wondering if that messed it up?

(I do NOT have Skype running, just FYI)
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