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A few problems.....

PostPosted: 25. April 2004 13:02
by lani_uk
Hey i'm totally new to this really and Ive been reading the other posts and Ive done what I can as in getting all the ports open andremovin all traces of other servers and closin kazaa etc.

I still get this error message when I start up:


After this the start page comes up but when I click on english and it tries to find the next page on local host it finds nothing.

Any help would be much apreciated


PostPosted: 27. April 2004 18:04
by MAGnUm
img isnt loading please type the err...

eh...not sure

PostPosted: 27. April 2004 19:16
by potatosalad
well, i'm not sure what exactly the problem is. what exactly are you running? from the screenshot, i'm guessing Windows 98 SE or Windows 2000. You may have another service, such as IIS 4.1 or 5.0 running which may be blocking your port 80. Try editing your apache httpd.conf file and searching for "Listen [IPADDRESS]:80" or "Listen" or "Listen 80." Change it to "Listen 80" if it is not already and try running your server by just running apache.exe in the bin directory. If it still does not work, try changing the port number to something else. I really don't know if this will help at all, but that's a problem I encountered when I first began using Apache. Oh yeah, if you're trying to run WAMPP on a computer with no administrator privaledges (I've tried it on my high school's computers), you get a whole boat load of errors that I really have no clue how to get around without gaining full admin rights.

you could also check the error logs under apache\logs to see what might be messing up.