File bigger than 2MB?

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File bigger than 2MB?

Postby cervanek » 25. April 2013 17:21


could anybody help me how can I change longBlob size in MySQL database in new XAMPP 3.1.0?

I used to use older version XAMPP where I changed "max allowed packet" and I could save bigger file to longBlob (mediumBlob).

But unfortunatly in version 3.1.0 i changed "max allowed packet" too but I still can save file smaller than 2 MB.

In file xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini are two lines with "max allowed packet" first is equals 1 MB and second is aquals 16 MB. If I change 1 MB to 10 MB I can still save only 2 MB.

Could anaybody help me what (which line) a where (which file) I should change?

Thank you
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