Install filezilla module later

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Install filezilla module later

Postby kaizer » 24. April 2013 10:52


I installed XAMPP installing only the Apache and MySQL modules - I figured at the time I wouldn't need anything else.
Is there a way to add the filezilla module at a later time. Having it work with the Xampp control panel just as though I installed everything together?

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Re: Install filezilla module later

Postby hackattack142 » 26. April 2013 01:02


Yes, it is relatively easy to add manually since it is not tied to the other modules but not via the XAMPP installer or XAMPP method.

1. Download the server:
2. Create a folder in the XAMPP root ("\xampp\FileZillaFTP")
3. Start installer, after the 'I Agree' > check only "FileZilla Server" and "Administration Interface" > next
4. Set the destination folder to the folder you created in step 2 (if you installed to C:\xampp, it would be C:\xampp\FileZillaFTP) > next
5. Select the "Do not install as a service" option and uncheck "start after setup completes" > next
6. Select "Start Manually" and uncheck "Start interface after setup completes" > install
7. Open the Control Panel config (\xampp\xampp_control3.ini)
8. Under [EnableModules] set FileZilla=1
9. Under [BinaryNames] change "FileZilla=filezillaserver.exe" to "FileZilla=filezilla server.exe"

If the filezilla installer added any startup entries, you can remove those as well.
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Re: Install filezilla module later

Postby the1knight » 05. August 2013 16:51

Excellent walk through, worked for me too. :D
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Re: Install filezilla module later

Postby » 09. December 2013 13:51

Hi there,

I've followed these same instructions and in my localhost page it says that ftp server is activated. The problem I'm having is that every time I open the control panel, FileZilla is still shown as if it hasn't been installed. I've configured the xampp config like you said but when I restart xampp the config resets too, is there another file I need to edit to make sure it doesn't reset? I've also tried to access the Filezilla Server through my Filezilla FTP client and it says the connection has been established then it just keeps timing out
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Re: Install filezilla module later

Postby roberteamoore » 09. January 2014 06:17

Great easy walk-thru worked well for me.
I changed:
Change Under [BinaryNames] change "FileZilla=filezillaserver.exe" to "FileZilla=FileZilla server.exe"
and your ini might be named xampp-control.ini as was mine.
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Re: Install filezilla module later

Postby mercado azul » 25. February 2014 21:33

some tips that I had seen:

there is two lines with

The first and second time that I modified the xampp-control. ini file,
only I see the first Filezilla=1, on the 14th line, the line where to make the change is the line 77th.

On the other side, when install the filezilla in the "xampp/FilezillaFTP" folder,
the installer creates another folder inside "FileZilla Server", then the route is "xampp/FilezillaFTP/FileZilla Server"

I needed to cut all files in the "Filezilla Server" folder and paste at "xampp/FilezillaFTP", before this, all run fine.

Thanks for the guide.
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Re: Install filezilla module later

Postby x247 » 22. September 2014 14:23

@ hackattack142, thank you immensely for the wonderful walk-through. You saved me a tons of headache because I almost reinstalled xampp afresh just to enable filezilla module.

Just some tip for the benefit of others:
1) On step 7, my ini file is named xampp_control.ini and not (xampp_control3.ini)
2) Had to cut all the files in "xampp/FilezillaFTP/FileZilla Server" and paste them in "xampp/FilezillaFTP" for module to start from XAMPP Control Panel

Thanks for the guide!
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Re: Install filezilla module later

Postby robin24 » 07. July 2017 07:55


I'm trying to get the filezilla server working using this walkthrough but I'm stuck. I followed the steps, but I get the message "Port 21 in use by "Unable to open process"!"
Code: Select all
8:58:34  [filezilla]    Attempting to start FileZilla app...
8:58:34  [filezilla]    Executing "c:\xampp2\filezillaftp\FileZilla Server.exe -compat -start"
8:58:34  [filezilla]    Return code: 0
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Checking default ports...
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Portblocker Detected: FileZilla Server.exe
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Checking for App: c:\xampp2\FileZillaFTP\FileZilla Server.exe
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Portblocker Path: Unable to open process
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Portblocker Service Path:
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Problem detected!
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Port 21 in use by "Unable to open process"!
8:59:20  [filezilla]    FileZilla WILL NOT start without the configured ports free!
8:59:20  [filezilla]    You need to uninstall/disable/reconfigure the blocking application
8:59:20  [filezilla]    or reconfigure FileZilla and the Control Panel to listen on a different port
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Attempting to start FileZilla app...
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Executing "c:\xampp2\filezillaftp\FileZilla Server.exe -compat -start"
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Return code: 0
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Status change detected: running
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Status change detected: stopped
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Error: FileZilla shutdown unexpectedly.
8:59:20  [filezilla]    This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies,
8:59:20  [filezilla]    improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method.
8:59:20  [filezilla]    Press the Logs button to view error logs and check
8:59:20  [filezilla]    the Windows Event Viewer for more clues
8:59:20  [filezilla]    If you need more help, copy and post this
8:59:20  [filezilla]    entire log window on the forums

When I try a different Main port for Filezilla, I only get the message "Attempting to start FileZilla app..." and then nothing happens.
Code: Select all
9:06:56  [filezilla]    Attempting to start FileZilla app...
9:06:56  [filezilla]    Executing "c:\xampp2\filezillaftp\FileZilla Server.exe -compat -start"
9:06:56  [filezilla]    Return code: 0

anyone any idea?
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Re: Install filezilla module later

Postby Nobbie » 07. July 2017 11:11

robin24 wrote:but I get the message "Port 21 in use by "Unable to open process"!"

You already have started an FTP server. Maybe you started another FileZilla separately before starting Xampp?
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