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My page keeps on refreshing!

PostPosted: 22. April 2004 13:11
by hyZteric

I'm new to this, xampp I mean.

I installed the zipped windows version of xampp. No problem during install. Everything works fine. phpMyAdmin is ok too.

Well everything is not that fine in fact. I set up some page that make some access to mySQL and I got some weird things happening.

When I want to access some pages, the page transfert begins, and then suddenly, before the page is fully loaded, it refreshes itself! And it keeps refreshing all the time.

When I'm connected on localhost, I have the problem on some few pages.
When I'm connected from work (like now), there are more buggy pages! Even phpMyAdmin goes crazy!

I also noticed that some crappy chars got inserted anywhere in my generated HMTL code. I see some tags "corrupted" or the data from mySQL is messed up.

Text from DB: "On fait ca ici ou chez moi?" -> "On fait ca ici ou [color=red]€v

I'm glad to see that you have solved the problem

PostPosted: 07. May 2004 20:55
by chanio
I'm glad to see that you have solved the problem! Your page looks nice.
:idea: You could be thankful to this FREE distribution by adding in your pages a small .gif with a link to this great site! See the for that nice logo that states:
:idea: and add a link like this:
<a href="" title="get your FREE Apache 2 server, here!"><IMG src="the_nice_logo.gif"></a>
That might help them to keep on going.
Also, might help if you help others in this forum with your experience.

PostPosted: 10. May 2004 08:13
by hyZteric
Well, in fact I dumped xampp and installed easyphp ... that solved my problem...