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Dynamic IP Address

Postby pureplayer » 22. April 2004 04:32

Hi, I have a dynamic ip and registered with dyndns.org and have a url pointing to my current ip address. Where and How would I configure the httpd.conf so when a user types the url blahblah.dyndns.org it will point to my doc root?

I already have set the document root to c:\www but where would I set the url?

Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated

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Postby MAGnUm » 22. April 2004 15:29

going to blahblah.dyndns.org is the same as going to your ip e.x. ( is the same as going to localhost is the same as going to

so to get to the point if you set your doc root correctly when you type blahblah.dyndns.org it should go there.
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