Can't connect to my VPS apache server

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Can't connect to my VPS apache server

Postby kobaltic » 01. April 2013 01:35

Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is a Xampp or Apache problem. Sorry if it is in the wrong forum. I installed xampp and have Apache and mysql running. I can't seem to connect to the server from an outside source. I enter the IP address and then the index.php page. I get the error that the page cannot be found. Is there a setting I need to set to get it to work over the WAN? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Re: Can't connect to my VPS apache server

Postby Altrea » 01. April 2013 08:56

Hi kobaltic,

Sorry, we don't provide any support for questions of getting XAMPP accessible from potential insecure networks. XAMPP is a preconfigured local test and development webserver stack and not a one click online webserver stack.

There are other webserver stacks like Zend Server which are designed for production and live server purposes.

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