Load balancing w/ two websites on apache.

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Load balancing w/ two websites on apache.

Postby codyrickman » 18. March 2013 21:38

Ok, So I have a bit of a strange configuration. I have several servers set up. in essence each server is a mirror of the other. So lets say i have 3 servers. I have one that is on a battery back up and also has the master sql database. I want this server to delegate load to the other two. i have read about doing that. What I am unsure is, can I also have that first server delegate load to itself? Only as a backup. Also how does load balancing work with hosting two sites? Does the load balancing server automatically pass through the domain name for the vhosts to handle? Thanks.
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Re: Load balancing w/ two websites on apache.

Postby JonB » 21. March 2013 12:55

This topic is out of scope for our purposes.

Good luck with your project.
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