Mercury crashes as soon as I start it

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Mercury crashes as soon as I start it

Postby RubenGeert » 13. March 2013 09:55

Dear all,

I'm learning how to build Wordpress themes and I'd like to work locally. So I started working with Xampp. Now I'd like to experiment with a Wordpress registration form but this form would like to send (confirmation/password reset) emails. I thought that the easiest way to enable this, is to use Mercury from "localhost". After several hours of experimenting with this, it still isn't working. Instead, Mercury won't even run anymore: as soon as I start it, it crashes.

I think this is because I modified the settings (a lot) in my attempts to get it up and running.

Does anybody have an idea which setting could cause this and how I can solve this?
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Re: Mercury crashes as soon as I start it

Postby WilliL » 13. March 2013 11:34

hi RubenGeert,

have a look to
try instead of using Mercury
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