Stuck at Control Panel please help...

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Stuck at Control Panel please help...

Postby welhim » 09. March 2013 11:15

I'm Stuck at this...
anyone can solve this problem?
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Re: Stuck at Control Panel please help...

Postby Altrea » 09. March 2013 20:26

Hi welhim,

Please start new threads with the words "Hi" or "Hello". A short salutation is an act of politeness. Even if the internet is an virtual area, there is always a human being behind the screen. A polite beginning is the first positive impression you can leave here and helps to get polite answers too. Please keep that in mind if you start a new thread in any community board. Thank you.

Please try to describe your problem with words too, not only with an image. The reason is, that we often have to google error messages too which is much easier to do if you can copy them. The other reason is that your thread now can't be found in the board search, because it doesn't contains any relating words another user would type in the search box.

In your screenshot you can see many messages which are hints for your problem. There is another MySQL windows service running from path D:\Games ONLINE\Creating my Own Ragnarok\mysql-5.0.96-winx64\The Apps\. Because this windows services uses the same name as configured in the control panel, the control panel can't separate between both mysql instances.

btw: both paths D:\Games ONLINE\Creating my Own Ragnarok\mysql-5.0.96-winx64\ and D:\software application\xampp 1.8.1\the apps\ are very ugly and from the XAMPP point of view far away from being a recommend installation directory.

best wishes,
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