Can't bring up Installation Page

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Can't bring up Installation Page

Postby joomla4oa » 08. March 2013 02:33

I am a total "Newbee" to web design. I am attempting to load Joomla!. I am working from "Joomla! for Dummies". I think I have performed all the instructions for loading Joomla! on my own computer. I have:
- downloaded XAMPP
- downloaded the compressed (zipped) Joomla module
- unzipped the compressed Joomla module and copied it to XAMPP(htdocs) directory as sub-directory (joomla)
- have the XAMPP Control Panel
Now should be able to log on to "http://localhost/joomla", to view the first Joomla installation page, but only receive message stating that it cannot be found

Any suggestions?

Need sinple answers, remember, I'a a newbee...
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Re: Can't bring up Installation Page

Postby JonB » 08. March 2013 11:50

Does the XAMPP Welcome page appear when you type in http://localhost?

If so XAMPP is working.

In that case, you probably have a joomla-esque problem. Please note - this is not a Joomla support forum. That is where your question probably belongs - the Joomla support community.

If the XAMPP Welcome Page and its examples are not working, you may have a XAMPP problem - and we will tackle it.

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