Xampp only visible in Windows Admin Account

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Xampp only visible in Windows Admin Account

Postby markeeh » 04. March 2013 09:07

Hi, just want to ask if it is possible for xampp to be visible/accessible ONLY inside an admin account? So when a different user (non admin) accesses the desktop, the xampp will run automatically, and the non admin user can only browse xampp projects without the fear of them messing with the scripts. Thanks in advance for those who will help. :)
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Re: Xampp only visible in Windows Admin Account

Postby JonB » 05. March 2013 16:51

I don't think that will work. The presumption being that Windows would have provide the 'lockout' - and likely outcome is the only the administrator could access XAMPP's files. I suspect that NTFS permissions will prevent others from accessing the code & files.

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