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localhost kept loading endless problem

PostPosted: 28. February 2013 10:15
by vanvir
Dear all,

I am newbie here.. need your help on how to make XAMPP working.
Tried to different things already from the forums for several weeks and it's hopeless :(

Here is the details:
ApacheFriends XAMPP (Basispaket) version 1.7.4
When i run it from xampp control, apache & mysql are ticked and run (green light)
in the white screen showing status check ok

However if I start the XAMPP in cmd, it shows the line only 1 usage of each socket address ..
make_sock: could not bind to address: no listening socket available, shutting down
unable to open logs

follow this forum:
I have also modify httpd.conf:
*Listen 80, change to “Listen 8080″
*ServerName localhost:80, change to “ServerName localhost:8080"

* Listen 443″, change to “Listen 4499″
* Also find “<VirtualHost _default_:443>”, change to “<VirtualHost _default_:4499>”
* and just below that find “ServerName localhost:443″, change this to “ServerName localhost:4499″

Check skype - untick the port 80 as alternative, disable norton
Finally test it = http://localhost:8080/ and not working!

Can anyone kindly help me to solve it as I want to create e-commerce website.
Appreciate it if it comes in step by step walkthrough as I am new to this.

Re: localhost kept loading endless problem

PostPosted: 28. February 2013 14:14
by JonB
You have to stop Apache before you can run it via the command line.

Good Luck