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localhost" or " - blank page

PostPosted: 17. February 2013 10:24
by hipigore
Hello all,

So right to the question.

I've installed Xampp for using wordpress locally.
I've read the manual for the starting the server and everything is running smooth, but when i've reached the part where you must connect to the localhost to be able to configure the mySQl data base and start wordpress i can't log in using the localhost or It shows a blank page and this is happening on both pc's running windows 7. Not a PC issue then.
Some configurations must be changed, but i have no clue which exactly.

As i've checked in the net this is a very often problem faced by users after installing xampp, but sadly i didn't found any solution yet.

Could you please help and advise what is needed to be done to make it work ?

Thank You in advance

Re: localhost" or " - blank page

PostPosted: 18. February 2013 18:01
by JonB
Well - does the page http://localhost work? If not what error do you get?