Access local server remotely?

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Access local server remotely?

Postby TBakerHR » 11. February 2013 01:46

Hey all...

While I understand what XAMPP is and I've successfully installed it, I'm still a newbie.

I used it so that I can install WordPress locally on my PC...that way I can build my website and the transfer it to my host. My question is this...if I have created a local host, and set up my WP, is there a way I can access it remotely? Like from my laptop while I'm away?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Access local server remotely?

Postby hackattack142 » 11. February 2013 23:19


If you only mean view your webpage remotely and not develop remotely, yes (but doing so could open you/your webpage to remote attacks as well) assuming the following :
1. XAMPP is running
2. You are not being blocked by a firewall
3. Your ports are forwarded through any routers
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Re: Access local server remotely?

Postby w24178 » 11. February 2013 23:54

If you do not have static IP you will have to keep track of that I believe.
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