Accessing WebDev over LAN Xampp 1.8.1

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Accessing WebDev over LAN Xampp 1.8.1

Postby richardgonzo » 04. February 2013 20:07

First off, thanks for any help. I've been searching online for answers and none have seemed to work.

I'm trying to access my local website over our network at my office. I type in my IP: 192.168.XXX.XXX and get the prompt to enter my server credentials. Once verified, the server responds with the proper static HTML of the site but the CSS and other attributes are gone (no images, no sliders).

I've tried setting up a vhost, opening ports (80) and configuring with the .htaccess file but none seem to work.

Also another curious bug, when the server responds it give this path: IP.address/xampp/ with a 404 error but again without any of the proper CSS.

This site is a standard Wordpress 3.5.1 install and theme and works fine on the local machine, just not over the network.

I'm new to using a test server but a fast learner, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Accessing WebDev over LAN Xampp 1.8.1

Postby JonB » 05. February 2013 21:33

What did you make the URL entries in the WordPress Dashboard?

Good Luck
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