Where to install?

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Where to install?

Postby blahmcblah » 04. February 2013 01:48

I'm confused by these instructions in the readme file:

[NOTE: Unpack the package to your USB stick or a partition of your choice.
There it must be on the highest level like E:\ or W:\. It will
build E:\xampp or W:\xampp or something like this. Please do not use the "setup_xampp.bat" for an USB stick installation!]

Step 1: Unpack the package into a directory of your choice. Please start the
"setup_xampp.bat" and beginning the installation. Note: XAMPP makes no entries in the windows registry and no settings for the system variables.

So which is it? Do I install at the top of a partition or into a directory of my choice?
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Re: Where to install?

Postby Altrea » 04. February 2013 02:27

Hi blahmcblah,

A short salutation is an act of politeness. Even if the internet is an virtual area, there is always a human being behind the screen. A polite beginning helps to get polite answers too. Please keep that in mind if you start a new thread. Thank you.

blahmcblah wrote:So which is it? Do I install at the top of a partition or into a directory of my choice?

It is recommend to install XAMPP in the root of your harddisk partition.
You CAN install XAMPP in a directory of your choice, but this directory should:
  • only contain letters or numbers, no whitespaces or special characters
  • not be protected in a special way by the Windows User Account Control, like your Program Files or Windows directory.

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