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Postby DNett123 » 15. April 2004 21:39

Well I am and am not a noob to Apache. I have ran apache servers before but after take the time and installing php, asp, mod_perl, mysql and such I wanted to find a way to make it easier. So there I am not a noob but....

Getting to my point, When I visit http://localhost/ and it works fine it shows the XAMPP homepage that came with the installation and such. But if I visit my IP address (which I need for peolple to view the sontent on my server), the splash page opens asking you what picture you want. But there is no picture on there, it is the "X" that eferyone dreads seeing. After that it will not go any further either, I click "english" and it never loads. I don't know if this is becuase I don't have it as a service and I am just using the command promt or not. The only reason I didn't install it as a service is becuase last time I did this there was conflict between Apache and Apache...I turned off my other apahce server to test this one and if this works I was going to use it. Anyways if anyone can help please do.
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