Joomla installation problem in XAMMP 1.7.4

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Joomla installation problem in XAMMP 1.7.4

Postby rezacadet » 22. January 2013 08:22

Dear friends,

I am new in Xammp, joomla & MySQL. I am learning about joomla. From the support of forum now i am trying to install xammp 1.7.4. But at the final step of installation joomla i am getting an error. At The sixth step after specifying the Site name and a password for the administrator. And filling the form with a name for the site, e-mail address, and an administrator password. When i click on the “Install Sample Data” button, It show a XML error. Please suggest me what to do.

N.B--I do not have administrative previlage on my pc. and when i am doing all this, do i need a internet connection. please help me.

Thank in advance
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Re: Joomla installation problem in XAMMP 1.7.4

Postby Altrea » 22. January 2013 12:33

Hi Reza,

it's in german, but maybe with the help of google translate it can be helpful:

You need to adjust the php error_reporting to hide E_STRICT mesages.

best wishes,
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