Class not found

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Class not found

Postby bogey » 18. January 2013 21:04

Windows 8
XAMPP 1.8.1
Apache 2.4.3
MySQl 5.5.27 (Community Server)
PHP 5.4.7 (VC9 X86 32bit thread safe) + PEAR
OpenSSL 1.0.1c
XAMPP Control Panel v3.1.0 3.1.0

Apache and MySQL Service Modules showing green.
Apache and MySQL Running.
1. I am searching for a way to make documented functions or methods usable in my code.

2. I am familiar with the "using" statements in C#.
Is there something like that in PHP?

3. What are the groups of Namespaces or, something else, to give me access to
documented Classes, methods, or functions?

4. There are many other Classes and methods I have tried and failed.
Is there a default setting in php.ini I need to change?

5. Aside from the above, I wrote a namespace and used it.
Is this knowledge relevent to the above problem?

6. Thank you for your patience.
HttpResponse::redirect('./prog1.php', FALSE);// results in Fatal error: Class HttpResponse not found.
redirect('./prog1.php', FALSE);// results in Fatal error: Call to undefined function redirect()

namespace included;// requires this and the following statement to work.
include 'included.php';

$string = "default";
$instance = new test($string);

$string = "Is this valid";
$string = $instance->test($string);
echo $string;

namespace included;
class test
public function test($string)
$string = $string . " Success";

return $string;
Is this valid Success
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