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Postby OoOimOoO » 17. January 2013 12:33


Let me start with this:
I'm new tot Xammp and also new to php, so if my code looks kinda basic that is correct.

I'm trying to make a form witch send the results to a mail-adres i entered in the code. When i press submit in my form it will send, give no error's and i see the mailresult in the mailoutput folder of xammp. However, the mail never arives at the mailadres i entered.

I set up the mail as followed:

i changed the php.ini
Code: Select all
smtp_port = 587
sendmail_from =
sendmail_path = "\"C:\xampp\sendmail\sendmail.exe\" -t"

I think the first 3 lines shouldn't be nessisary?? But i kinda try everything at this point....

Changed the sendmail.ini
Code: Select all
smtp_port= 587

I tryd it with the settings for ziggo and for a simple live account. I thought mabye ziggo is the problem, but with the live account i have the same issue.

What am i doing wrong....
i'm getting really frustrated, because i want to move on learning php and i can't stand the fact i can't test my code properly xD

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Re: Mail

Postby JonB » 18. January 2013 00:43

have you looked in the error log you set up???
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