webdav enabled Xampp & Lightning calendar in Thunderbird

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webdav enabled Xampp & Lightning calendar in Thunderbird

Postby kalu » 16. January 2013 14:58

Greetings happy Xamppers.
I have Xampp running on a windows machine with webdav enabled.
My Thunderbird version is ESR 17.02 with Lightning 1.9
I have published a calendar .
Every time i add a task in the calendar it says.
Status Code: 2147500037, The request cannot be processed.
Server Replied with 412

has it to do with XAMPP or Thunderbird or Lightning.
for some special reason i'm using Xampplite v 1.6.4
and my httpd-dav.conf file looks like this
<Directory "/xampplite/webdav">
Dav On
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
AuthName DAV-upload
# You can use the htdigest program to create the password database:
#\xampplite\apache\bin\htdigest -c "\xampplite\security\htpasswd.webdav" "XAMPP with WebDAV" user
#AuthType Digest
#AuthDigestDomain http://localhost/
# Here with htpasswd and md5
# \xampplite\apache\bin\htpasswd -b \xampplite\security\htpasswd.webdav user

AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile "/xampplite/security/htpasswd.webdav"

# require valid-user
# the upper line didn't worked so i added the below line but still no luck
Allow from all

and also i have created user with first htdigest.exe and it failed so created users with htpasswd but that failed too.
obliviously i modified the lines accordingly to match my config.........yet no luck.
could any body please note me down what i might be doing wrong
many thanks
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