I just can't seem to output my .PHP

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I just can't seem to output my .PHP

Postby jos_moes » 11. January 2013 10:26

heey Mr JohnB or others ;),

This is a Xampp related problem due to the fact that I just can't seem to output my .PHP,
It goes straight to the file path instead of localhost/HTdocs/....
even doensn't work either.
when trying to output php this is what I get== "file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/connect.php"


object not found

Error 404

this is the right Index.php rigth ??:
if (1);
echo 'true.';
echo 'False.';


Thank you !! in advance(d) (Nintendo style)..

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Re: I just can't seem to output my .PHP

Postby Altrea » 11. January 2013 16:32

Hi Joshua (like the name of the computer in the movie Wargames, i like that :D ),

first a little bit of information
  • Announcements and stickys are not meant for support requests, they should help others with problems to get quick help for common problems and frequently asked questions. Thats why i splitted your reply from the Announcement.
  • please use the relating BBCodes if they are helpful for the type of text you write, for example code-BBtags for sourcecode:
    Code: Select all
        echo 'This is PHP Code';

jos_moes wrote:when trying to output php

How do you try to output the php? doubleclick, rightclick=>open, drag and drop to the browser window? All of this will not work.
You need to request the file like they were saved on a webserver in the internet.
So what happens if you open a browser windows and request the url http://localhost/ ?

best wishes,
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