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Enabling WebDAV

PostPosted: 05. January 2013 08:30
by saltyfoam
I downloaded XAMPP 1.8.1 and got it working with HTTP requests. I have since been trying to enable the WebDAV as described in several different posts on different Web sites with all different techniques and it still isn't working - returning 405 error when I try to POST. At this point I uninstalled and reinstalled (which pointed out some problems with the uninstall not removing some registry entries) a few times until things are back to a clean state. I then uncommented the dav modules (two of the three were commented) in the httpd.conf file, then uncommented the line that includes the httpd-dav.conf file. I have not yet worked on the password file but at this point I should not be getting a 405 so I need to get around this problem. Any suggestions on why it's complaining that POST is not available?

Re: Enabling WebDAV

PostPosted: 05. January 2013 12:49
by JJ_Tagy
If I remember right, there is an issue with WEBDAV and Win7. You might need to google it.

Re: Enabling WebDAV

PostPosted: 01. February 2013 11:34
by ElectronicWar
Hey I got the same problem with XAMPP 1.8.1
I was running 1.7.3 for years without a problem. Now I tried 1.8.1 with exact the same WebDAV configuration and it just returns Error 405 Method Not Allowed.

Looks like a problem with that new Apache 2.4?
I'm on Windows 8 Professional x64 and XAMPP 1.7.3 with Apache 2.2 works without any issues.