Can't access the server from within my network

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Can't access the server from within my network

Postby yaloner » 03. January 2013 22:12

Hello All,
I am new here and new with Xampp, so let me know if I am missing important details.

I want to run a very small and simple webpage from my PC so I just installed Xampp for windows and running control panel v3.1.0 on Win7.
I Changed the port to 8080 because I was told my ISP won't let incoming connections on port 80.
Also, I got a host name from to deal with my dynamic IP.
After setting everything up I started apache and checked if it works.

The results:
localhost:8080 - works fine - works fine

But, when using the ip from that computer, or any other computer on the same network, I get and "Unable to connect" message from my firefox.
The funny thing is, that anybody in the world can access the webpage by using the IP, just computers from my own network can't...

Any idea?
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Re: Can't access the server from within my network

Postby koolzero » 04. January 2013 01:51

When you try to connect from another computer, does it put "localhost" in the address bar? I only ask because I just posted about a similar issue and wanted to see if you were having the same issue as me.
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Re: Can't access the server from within my network

Postby CWtheNerd » 05. January 2013 20:03

I had a very similar issue (did not try accessing from outside LAN though)

I ended up having to reset a bunch of settings on the host

Did the basic "netsh winsock reset"

And followed these directions here

I may have tried a few other things so if this doesn't work I'll try and retrace my steps again.
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