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File Zilla

Postby firewoman36 » 02. January 2013 00:40

I just downloaded XAMPP, I am trying to connect to Filezilla server. It keeps telling me invalid password, where do I go to receive a password to allow me to make the server recognize me, I have tried my log on from my registration to this site, but that doesn't work either, I am trying to connect through my dream weaver, to check my php is working through the program and I can't connect. I have tried everything. Can you please assist.

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Re: File Zilla

Postby hackattack142 » 02. January 2013 06:24

I think the default usernames and passwords are listed in the readme_en.txt file in your /xampp folder.

You can also add/modify them by going to the FileZilla Admin Interface. You can click on the 'Admin..' button on the XAMPP control panel when FileZilla is running to open this. It will ask for a username/password but just click 'OK' and leave it as it is. Once the Admin interface is open, you can go to the Edit menu at the top and select 'Users'. This will allow you to add new users or edit user passwords as well as set user permissions.
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