Custom Pages Not Showing Information

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Custom Pages Not Showing Information

Postby jzint1267 » 26. December 2012 22:41

I have an internal server set up and working and am able to connect to the server via multiple workstations. I have created a couple of pages that reside in the site folder under htdocs. These files are a delivery invoice and custom inventory tag that is printable and pulls its information from the database based on a variable input of the inventory tag numbers or the tag numbers selected for delivery. When I view the site via localhost and try to select a range of tags or tickets for printing, each of the forms comes up filled out with the information. When I got to the site via a workstation and use the IP address of the server ( and try to print these items, the field are blank and contain no information. I went through this when creating and viewing the site on localhost. This was due to looking at the site through two different links. I have httpd.conf pointing to the IP of the computer. I feel that I am missing something while setting up the alias link to the site.

Any thoughts or direction on this would be greatly appreciated....
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