Allowing private access to a website

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Allowing private access to a website

Postby fbm247 » 25. December 2012 23:58


I have installed xampp on Windows Server 2008 and I was wondering how I can allow someone remotely to view a website I want to build in xampp via my server IP address.

The server is a VPS provided by a hosting company so i don't have access to the router to do any kind of port forwarding but i could request the hosting support team to make necessary edits if it's possible to achieve the above?

Any suggestions on how to achieve this will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Allowing private access to a website

Postby Altrea » 30. December 2012 17:28

Hi fbm247,

XAMPP is not designed and configurated for insecure environments such as the internet or other big networks.
It is highly not recommend to use it in such environments, especially if you don't have the knowledge to make each component bullet proof secure.

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