Incomplete phpMyAdmin Tutorial

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Incomplete phpMyAdmin Tutorial

Postby Lee Anderson » 20. December 2012 00:41

The install guide recommended using the tutorial 'Installing, Configuring, & Developing with XAMPP by Dvorski. The running of the example 'Hello World' showed Apache was working OK. Next, the turorial moved on to 'Creating a Database & Table, and Inserting Data' using MySql. Using the recommended browser URL http://localhost/phpMyAdmin to be tutorial for Creating new database an table was next. The Database was created as described. The 'colleague' table definition was entered per the tutorial and the GO button clicked. Table was created and the structure was reshown. Tutoral instructions are to input some data. However, the screen does not show how to INPUT data to the database. No button that indicates how to proceed.
Looks like the phpMyAdmin is incomplete. Every thing sits right there showing the structrue. How is one to continue? Using what mechanism or script? Can not
test any futher until this is overcome.

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Re: Incomplete phpMyAdmin Tutorial

Postby JonB » 20. December 2012 12:16

XAMPP is not the developer of phpMyAdmin (or Apache, MySQL and so forth), we only create an installable suite. Then we provide this forum to help get the programs to work correctly on your machine.

Now - answers:

Umm, get a different tutorial on phpMyAdmin? LOL

NO - serous answers:

The best reource is really the phpMyAdmin site:

It's (phpMyAdmin) not really - intended - for data entry, its a shell and tool set for the MySQL database server. Although you can enter data through it, that feature is intended really for 'fixes'. You can also use phpMyAdmin to generate the PHP code for queries and to help you build your code.

There are MANY free or relatively inexpensive MySQL Editors and frameworks to create data entry forms (that's the script/mechanism you were wondering about).
Google "php mysql editors'

I use a very powerful and relatively easy to use 'free' one called Xataface:

Good Luck
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