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Adminstrator rights

PostPosted: 19. December 2012 03:18
by Lee Anderson
When XAMPPControl panel starts up, it give message about it not running with adminstrator rights. It was started from the Owner ID which has Adminstrator Rights. Likewise permissions on this file is set for read, write, update, etc for adminstrators. What should be configured or setup to get rid of the error message?

Re: Adminstrator rights

PostPosted: 19. December 2012 06:56
by JonB
There is no error.

On Vista and Windows 7, users can have rights as members of the group Administrators, but ONLY the user 'Administrator' has fully elevated privileges. By default the user Administrator is disabled (and has no password) the 'Run as Administrator' elevates the chosen operation. On previous versions of the Windows OS, such as XP, user accounts could be actual administrators. ... d29d442ff1

You can activate the true Administrator account by using the Command Window (Run as Administrator) and entering this command"

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net user administrator /active:yes

There are other ways but that is the easiest. If you leave the administrator account active be sure to PW protect it.




Re: Adminstrator rights

PostPosted: 20. December 2012 02:00
by hackattack142
You should not need to run as the administrator account (I don't). I think that is an artifact of having UAC enabled (I have it turned off) if you do. You can either right-click the control panel exe and 'run as admin' or you can go to the control panel shortcut > right-click > properties > compatibility > check run this program as administrator.