XAMPP php issues with v 1.7.4 on W2k machine

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XAMPP php issues with v 1.7.4 on W2k machine

Postby Reggie7 » 19. December 2012 01:42

Sorry if this is covered already, but I did search for related posts.

Problems: Issues with php in my Xampp install
1) I get a warning when starting Xampp from the desktop icon "Error 1243508" Run this program from the XAMPP root directory" But as far as I can tell it is calling XAMPP in its root directory.
2) when I run the php test index file I get a screen saying there is a problem with your XAMPP install.
3) when I display the pages in FF they do not show the same way as they do on the web. I loose sub navigation panels, some of the icons do not change color like the includes should. And there just seem to be too many issues.

I uninstalled Xampp, and reinstalled it. But I get the same results.

System: This is on an old (but reliable) W2k machine with plenty of ram. Installed XAMPP v 1.7.4 since it was the last one that I could find which claimed it still worked with W2k. Running FireFox 3 6.25 as the main browser.

I had planned to use XAMP to let me locally review changes we want to make to our php css web pages locally before uploading them to our web site. And I Installed an older DreamWeaver version 8 to do the page modifications. Not sure if Dreamweaver is part of the problem or not.

But these pages were written by a previous employee and they are modestly complex. So I suspect that some of the display problems are related to the way the base (href equivalent) page location is written. That seems to get hard written to be the actual file-directory location of the pages (local web site). But the apparent issue with the install and php lead me to think I have a problem with something in my XAMPP.

BTW I have moved the web site into the hdocs directory under Xampp. And I open the pages with "localhost/website directory". So at least I got that part right. Also it sure would be more convenient to be able to run the pages from their storage location rather than have to move them in under Xammp. But that's a question for later.

Seems I'm doing something wrong or did something wrong hints & solutions would be welcomed. I had hoped that XAMPP might also let me use WordPress to build web pages for upload also. But I don't want to move on to that until I get this set of problems solved.

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