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missing table after sql file restore

PostPosted: 17. December 2012 15:05
by ngchadd
I ran a backup this morning (windows backup to external disk) before I uninstalled xampp and reinstalled it. I've restored the files of one of my sql databases using the windows restore folder option. (wishing I'd exported the database and saved it that way before uninstalling). Anyway, there seems to be a table missing from my database even though I can see it in xampp\mysql\data\database_name. It does not appear in the list of table in phpmyadmin for that database.

When I try and run my joomla website localhost/site_name/administrator I get this error: Table 'barrow6fc.j9kig_session' doesn't exist SQL=INSERT INTO `j9kig_session` (`session_id`, `client_id`, `time`) VALUES ('jmeds9v2hndn0b7hfve15g28e4', 1, '1355751892').

I notice that in my list of files in the database folder I see j9kig_session.frm but not j9kig_session.MYD or j9kig_session.MYI . I've now run unwipe and found all 206 j9kig* files, but the j9kig_session.MYD or j9kig_session.MYI are still not among them. So presumably this means that, my backup and then restore had actually restored all the files there were (none missing), so why am I getting the above error?

I'd really appreciate any help...

Re: missing table after sql file restore

PostPosted: 08. March 2013 10:33
by Ale_gea
I have the same problem. No one can help?

Re: missing table after sql file restore

PostPosted: 08. March 2013 11:43
by JonB
The only proper way to backup MySQL data is by using a tool that is designed for the task. One that reads the database out (as the OP said 'exports' it). Oracle (MySQL's developers) have an excellent free tool called MySQL Workbench that can do it, or you can use phpMyAdmin (export function). There are also free tools that do this on a scheduled basis. File-based backup tools are inappropriate.

As for those 'session' tables, they are most likely temporary files (based on their names). You should check that assumption on a Joomla forum.

All this has exactly nothing at all to do with XAMPP.

Good Luck