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Not autorun Xampp

PostPosted: 17. December 2012 03:38
by 0liver
Dear friends,

Pls, I would like to know how I can make Xampp does not autorun when Windows starts. Because I do not see any option in the control panel settings to disable the Autorun.

Thank you very much for your kind support.


Re: Not autorun Xampp

PostPosted: 17. December 2012 05:52
by amereservant
XAMPP itself doesn't run when Windows starts ... however, if you are referring to Apache/MySQL, that's pretty easy. Launch your XAMPP Control Panel and then stop any of the software that's running and has a Green Checkmark beside it. Then simply click the Green Checkmark and it should open a confirmation window asking you to confirm uninstalling it as a service. Click Yes to confirm it and then you can start the software again.

It will need to be manually started each time you want to use it unless you re-install it as a service again.

Re: Not autorun Xampp

PostPosted: 17. December 2012 17:58
by JonB
There is now another option. XAMPP can be configured to auto-start its applications when the Control Panel is started. The Configure Menu allows you to choose to auto-start Apache, MySQL etc - on demand, when you launch teh Control Panel. I love it...


Good Luck

Re: Not autorun Xampp

PostPosted: 17. December 2012 19:01
by amereservant
That's pretty cool! So you can quickly launch them without having to install them as a service ... that could be handy! I'm liking the new Control Panel too, it's a very nice improvement. It'd be awesome to have a Virtual Host editor built into the control panel so vhosts can be quickly edited/added accordingly ... even perhaps something like Acrylic DNS Proxy for adding fake domains. Those are a couple of things I often use/need to configure.

Re: Not autorun Xampp

PostPosted: 18. December 2012 02:36
by JonB
hackattack142 is the guy to thank. He has done a fine job.