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Creating a folder htdocs

PostPosted: 13. December 2012 17:54
by Jay Jay

If anyone can please help out. I am trying to create a folder to put my files in. I have Xampp installed on my computer & using a text editor Eclipse the latest version all in one package. From the book I am reading. Understanding by default Apache web server looks for web files in the htdocs folder. I am using windows O.S. and have xampp installed on C drive. In C drive the htdocs folder is under xampp. Attempting to create a folder to place my class files in. But within the htdoc folder. Generally using Eclipse as a text editor but working with Xampp, PHP and Mysql. I am a beginner/ newbie. If anyone has any knowledge of creating a folder in htdocs can you please lend a hand. Thank you.

Re: Creating a folder htdocs

PostPosted: 13. December 2012 18:27
by Altrea
Hi Jay_Jay,

i wanted to help you, but you haven't described where your problem is!?
you can create folders as usual with your windows explorer.

best wishes,

Re: Creating a folder htdocs

PostPosted: 13. December 2012 22:17
by Jay Jay

Perhaps this can be more information?

I downloaded data files that accompany the book. Create a project in Eclipse. File > New > PHP project. Naming it php24. Create a blank .php file calling it test.php. Next:

Right click on the PHP file I called php24. > Select New > PHP File.

Source Folder: php24 as project name. File name > test.php Finish.

Right click on php24 and choose refresh. From my the data files there should be another project called lesson cs in explorer window below the project php24. Not seeing the project lesson cs in the Eclipse Explorer Window.

This could be occurring because I haven't created a folder in htdocs to keep my class files in. As a newbie this is my best description of the problem at hand. But in any regards any further help is very much appreciated. Thank you very kindly.

Re: Creating a folder htdocs

PostPosted: 14. December 2012 03:44
by Jay Jay

working this out. please permit me.

Trying to start where I left off where xampp is installed on my computer. Made a new folder and then draged htdocs into it. Then copied and paste the lesson's 2 data file in the new folder. Went to text editor right click on the project to refresh it. trying to find Lesson 2cs data files in exclipse explorer window's tree. not there. Tried doing the same thing in Apache folder. not so to. tried draging htdocs folder into C drive. Not so. Please, open to any sugestions along those lines? Also once again Thank you.