Error Status in Control Panel

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Error Status in Control Panel

Postby carterlangley » 09. December 2012 19:32

Hi all,

I have the following error coming up.

Current Directory: c:\xampp
Install (er) Directory: c:\xampp
ERROR: Status Check Failure [3]
This program must be run from your XAMPP root directory.

Any ideas on what this might be?

Apache is running as a Svc
MySQL is running as a Svc
FileZilla is not running, but the Svc box is checked?
Mercury is not running and the box is not checked. Not sure if I want Mercury though? What is it and what does it do?
As you can see, very new to this XAMPP thing. All I want is a place where I can publish a website that is using PHP and MySQL on my laptop. This website is going to be for my own personal use and is not going to be published onto the internet.
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