XAMPP - had it working but messed it up

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XAMPP - had it working but messed it up

Postby cindym BC » 03. December 2012 02:45

Hi: I'm hoping to get some help. I downloaded xampp for windows yesterday and had it all set up and working. Must have done something today - uninstalled my xampp and downloaded again to install. Now says Apache and MySQL running but I didn't see home page to set security and can't access local host. Geesh - any help out there? Windows 7 64-bit
cindym BC
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Re: XAMPP - had it working but messed it up

Postby Altrea » 03. December 2012 17:55

Hi cindym BC,

Please try to uninstall your XAMPP completely:
  • stop and unregister all XAMPP related Windows services such as Apache and MySQL
  • use the uninstall dialog
  • delete the whole xampp directory

After that you should restart your computer, because sometimes ports are not successfully released, especially if you are not acting with enhanced administration rights.

Then, after the restart you should check if your ports 80 and 443 are free (use the netstat -aon command in your commandline opened as administrator for that)

If this is true, start a new fresh install of XAMPP.

best wishes,
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