USB Install (from zip) - could not open input file

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USB Install (from zip) - could not open input file

Postby XamppPerso » 21. November 2012 11:09

Hi everyone,

have been looking around but could not find any post with my problem.

on a company network, I have the xampp 18.1 install working perfectly on thhe following directory:

I am simply trying to copy this install (read the whole XAMPP folder where all the files are) to another folder / directory.

When I copy anywhere else in the P: drive no problem after re-running the setup_xampp.bat file

But when I try to copy the onto another drive such as:
>> sorry could not put the whole directory as company network BUT the path does NOT have white / empty spaces in it (the only posts I saw with same error msge than mine where related to white spaces in install path)

I am getting the following error message:

"could not open input file install\install.php"

BUT when I go in dos to thaat directory I can see this file being there...?

any ideas? any redirectionn would be much appreciated, I have been banging my head on this for days!!

best regards,
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