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Offline server

Postby Recoil » 20. November 2012 15:39

Sorry for this question, I am completely new to anything dealing with a server.

Can XAMPP Lite be run completely offline?

I came across MicroApache yesterday, but unfortunately the website, as well as any form of support, no longer exists.

I am needing a solution to run a VB.NET application with a database, along with DokuWiki for documentation. I cannot use MS Access due to the inability of x64 users to use the x86 AccessEngine.

That being said, the solution that I need has to be extremely secure from online intrusion of any kind. I am not requesting anyone to hold my hand through this, but if an idiots guide exists to running XAMPP offline then I would much appreciate a link :)
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Re: Offline server

Postby hackattack142 » 28. November 2012 04:08

Yes, you can configure Apache and MySQL to only listen on (not routable outside of your computer). You could also just unplug your network cable/disconnect from wireless if you are really paranoid about it.
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